When I Start Something New…

A lot of the times when I am about to start something new, I get really, really, really into it.

By this I mean I spend hours on end thinking, planning, organizing, and fantasizing about the end result that will come out of all the work I’ll put in. I’ll have this whole project completely mapped out in an orderly, detailed manner. These projects range from anything between stories to drawings to films, and generally are completely different from each other in content.

Next comes the phase where I actually go ahead on working on the project. In the beginning I’ll be struggling a bit to start it off with a bang, to make it interesting, but I’ll eventually find an angle that works for me. I’ll continue working for a little bit, generally between a couple days and a week, and I’ll get more and more into it as time progresses. However, there is always one point where I’ll become stuck. Whether it’s writer’s block or a lack of inspiration, I will always hit an obstacle and become discouraged. The problem is not the obstacle itself- the problem is the fact that a lot of the times I don’t have the motivation to work through it.

But once I find even a spark of something to get me through that tough spot, I’ve found that it gets easier as it goes on. I generally start to grow accustomed to the difficult areas and getting through them somehow becomes a much lighter load. That “spark” is generally a new perspective that can be provided by a book, music, or even another person; my suggestion is to find someone to bounce ideas off of when you’re stuck, because it really helps move forward with a fresh mindset.

A lot of the times when I start something new, I get really into it.

And a lot of those times I’ll lose the motivation to finish what I’ve started.

But I’ve found that finding a buddy along with a good soundtrack and mug of passion tea is the best relief for creative block, and that once it’s over, it’ll generally be over for a long while.

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