This Week’s Episode: Crime Scenes and Crazy Writing

Hola, citizens of the interwebs.

It’s been kind of a ridiculous week. But the good kind of ridiculous.

In my science class we’re doing this big super-important biotech unit thing, and being the nerd I am, this is pretty much how I’ve been the entire time:



So we’ve been working on these labs where you have to be SUPER precise with the measurements and everything, and I’ve been super careful to not mess up anything because I knew if I did my grade would go down (low grades=unhappy Arya). And today was the final analysis day, and what we had to do was discern from the results who the “criminal” in the situation was by looking at the DNA fingerprints. We had to write down who we decided was the criminal, and if we were wrong, our grade would go down. BUT. If we had any doubts about our results (i.e. the photos were blurry, we knew that we messed up the measuring part, stuff like that), then we had the option to “file for an extension” (the entire assignment was modeled to be like a court case and we were all scientists running the DNA). Choosing this option basically meant writing a two page paper on how and why we messed up our lab.

This got me scared. When our groups got our results back, my group had a clear picture of who the criminal was, but I started doubting myself and wondering if I messed up the measurements or what we put in each test tube and well and everything. And I sat there with my two teammates and had a little crisis over whether we should turn in our definite results or just write the paper to be safe (one of them kinda sorta totally made my day by saying “you gotta risk it to get the biscuit”). We ended up turning in our results.

And then I proceeded to go to every other one of my friends who isn’t in my class and has already done the biotech unit and ask them who the criminal was.

They all said it was Suspect 3 (which was the one my group chose), so hopefully we got that right and our grades won’t go down. But I’ve learned that sometimes you do have to risk it to get the biscuit (I’m going to use that phrase so much now), and that it’s very helpful to follow directions in science labs. Also, I think it helps to be confident in your work, because if you’re not… well, you’ll end up being a puddle of nervous mush, like me. 😛

Anywhoozals, onto some more stuff.

I have been on a CRAZY writing rampage this week. Literally every spare chance I’ve gotten I’ve just been writing like crazy. Half the stuff I’ve written I haven’t even read over (which means that it’s all really bad) but the fact that I’m starting to get some kind of inspiration again makes me happy. After all, like I’ve said so many times before, it’s okay for first drafts to suck! I’ll definitely be going back to some of the stuff and refining it more.

I’m actually currently working on two different projects (mainly ’cause I can’t decide which one to work on). One of them is How I Got My Typewriter (I’m probably going to change that title later), and the other one is The Mush Project. The second one is actually based off of real life, and I’m not gonna release much now, but maybe I will in the near future if all goes well. 🙂

I think that’ll be all for this long and lengthy post.

Until next time,

That Nerdy Art Addict





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