Wacky Wednesday: I’m Bipolar About Names

Sometimes I don’t like my name.

And then sometimes I do.

This goes for any names, really (names of characters, that is… don’t worry, I don’t go around telling people I don’t like their name :P).  I tend to name a character, love what I chose for maybe a month, and then I’ll find another name that I wish I had chosen. And then I’ll proceed to go through a conflict of whether I want to change their already-set name or not, because if I change it I’ll have to go through and change all their reference sheets and information cards and names in stories and it’s just SO MUCH EFFORT, and that makes me mad.

My name is a bit like this too. Sometimes I’ll like it, and think “hey, I actually have a pretty cool name!” But then other times I’ll wish that I had a longer name so that I could have a nickname, or that my name was spelled differently, or anything along that line to be honest.

So, tell me: anyone else out there with the same problem?

Talk to me!

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