Three Reasons I Love the Internet

The internet is a wonderful thing. No matter how much it has kinda sorta stolen my life, I think it’s great.

1. The humans online

One of the HUGE reasons I love the internet so much is because of the humans that I’ve met through it. First of all, I met some of my best friends through a website. And second, I’ve realized recently how awesome the DeviantART, Tumblr, and WordPress communities all are.

2. Oh, the things you can do!

If I had never found the internet, I probably would’ve never started drawing digitally. My urge to create would probably be much lower, and I wouldn’t have the same kind of drive I have now. I also would’ve never kept in contact with my friends, or started this blog. And that would have been a tragedy, wouldn’t it?

3. The creating never ends

The internet provides so much inspiration for me as a budding artist, writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Seeing so many other people with similar interests and desires to put things out into the world makes me want to do the same for myself… I’ve gotten so many ideas through other pieces I’ve seen floating around on different sites. I’ve learned so much about different tools, different subjects… everything, really.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves the internet this much. Go ahead and tell me the reasons you enjoy the brilliant life-stealing wonderous mechanism down below 😀

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