This Week’s Episode: Sickness, Snuggies, and SAT’s

This GIF pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling this entire week:


Since Sunday, I’ve had this nasty mixture of cold and pollen allergies. My head has been hurting, my stomach has been churning, and I haven’t been able to breathe due to the loads of mucus clogging up my nasal cavity. Yes, yes, I know that I’m being whiny- but we can’t forget that I’m a teenager.

I was out from school three of five days- Monday, Thursday, and today (Friday). Now, some might say that missing school is great because… well, it means no school. But if I miss school on a day that isn’t an issued holiday, I always- and I mean always– find myself with at least three times more work to do because of catch up. It might be easy for some, but it’s tough for me to learn a math lesson just from the textbook, or to figure out how to say “why is the sky blue” in Spanish without going over it in class. Somehow I learn certain things better when I’m actually in school, with the teachers right there to guide me.

Another issue of missing school is most definitely tests. I always have the opportunity to make up tests, of course, but the trouble is that I either have to do it during lunch or after school. If I take them at lunch then that minimizes my eating time by a lot (and also interferes with a lot of club meetings), and I have activities after school that I would be delayed to if I took a test before. Even if I’m dreading taking difficult history or math tests, I’d rather take them as soon as possible than on my own time.

But I guess besides the whole catch-up thing I have to deal with, missing school isn’t all that bad. I mean, it does give me more sleep-in time. I always get in an extra hour or two of drawing or writing, and sometimes I even get a chance to pick up and play a new song on the piano. More time to work on my blog never hurts, either.

The only other slightly-eventful happening this week has been just today, when I was over with my buddy Sabrina Wolfheart to study for SAT’s. I might just be in 9th grade, but from what I’ve heard, it’s never too early to get rollin’ with SAT prep. Most of our evening was taken up in going through math problems, playing vocab games, and screaming at our phones when we realized we got a wrong answer.

Out of everything, though, the ultimate highlight has been the snuggie.


this GIF basically explains how I feel about it

This story requires a bit of an explanation. About six months ago, I was at Sabrina’s house for no good reason whatsoever, and I realized that her room was a catastrophic explosion of a warzone (that means messy). So of course, me being me, I decided then and there that we were going to clean that catastrophic explosion of a warzone. And we did. We literally spent about four hours cleaning out her closet and shelves and drawers and sorting out all the actual junk from the other junk she wanted to keep for the sake of keeping it.

In the midst of all the junk, there were two things that caught my eye. One was an amazingly beautiful dinosaur-printed laundry basket (it came with its own carrying bag and everything!). The other was a snuggie.

It was still in the box, freshly packed and everything. Sabrina told me that her mom had got it years ago and had just never used it, and then proceeded to ask me if I wanted it. As anyone could imagine, I couldn’t do anything but say yes. But then as I was leaving that day, I accidentally left my new beloved snuggie and the dinosaur laundry basket there at her house, and I totally forgot about it for the next six months.

Until today.

Because just when we were about to leave after our study session, Sabrina’s mom hands me the dinosaur basket and- yup, you guessed it- the snuggie.

At home, I proceeded on to discovering the wonders of the snuggie. More on that later, though- until then, enjoy this picture of my lovely dog and I having a secret meeting under a pink snuggie that makes us look like a lump of cotton candy.

photo copy

That would be all for today. Hopefully I’ll have caught up on homework and my nose will have un-stuffed by the time the weekend is over and I’m back to school.

Smell ya later (once I can smell again, that is),


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