Ten Reasons Why Books Are Amazing

Stories are magical. They are open and wild and crazy and imaginative. There’s really no end to what can be done within just that one broad title, and it’s so great to see authors and their different takes on it. So here you are, ten reasons I why love books.

Arya’s Ten Reasons That Books Make the Best Friends:

1. You’ll never get bored with a trusty book by your side- whether it’s waiting in a line or just lying around at home, there’s always that option of jumping into a totally different universe.

2. Story characters, unlike certain friends you may or may not have, will never judge you for obsessing over them.

3. Camouflage is an easy thing to achieve by simply peering over the top of book pages while inconspicuously sitting on a park bench.

4. The book is yours. All yours.

5. Stories can make a very good conversation topic.

6. But then again, who needs human interaction when you can just read the book? Avoiding social situations is easy with a book on hand.

7. In a pinch, books make good headrests.

8. Books can serve as good shields in an unplanned duel- and in addition, stellar weapons as well.

9. Need to look smart and studious? If you’ve got the right book, you’ve got the right look (that slogan doesn’t quite rhyme, but it’s close enough).

10. You’ll never feel alone with a good story in your hands.


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