All Day, Every Day: A day in the life of your average Arya

Wow. So. Um. It’s been a while.

I promise you, nerdlings, I do have an excuse (sort of). I’m gonna play the high school student card here- finals week.

Yes, this week is finals week for yours truly, and of course that hasn’t been the most pleasant thing ever. I love the fact that summer is here for me in literally less than 48 hours. Fun fun fun, excitement excitement excitement, yay. But then twelve of those 48 hours are going to be taken up in testing.

Not so fun.

The week before finals (which, thanks to my classmates, I have been referring to as nothing other than “dead week”) consisted of a whole lot of panic for me. See, my schedule plays out in a way that I have my three most difficult classes as my first three finals. It’s nice to be able to get them over with, of course, but then the fact that I have less time to study for them can become intimidating. Especially when there’s lots to remember.

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t have school today. I spent my entire day at home, locked in my room, reviewing every single thing I have learned this semester about modern world history and secondary algebra (let me just say now, John Green is literally the only reason that even have a slight idea of what happened in the French Revolution). It wasn’t easy to stay away from playing 2048 or Puzzle&Dragons, but I did it. And I’ve gotten to a point where I can list off all the rulers throughout the English Civil War just as fluently as I can every Yellowcard song (I think).

So what’s the point of me complaining to you about finals?

It got me thinking about what goes on in my ridiculous everyday life, and how I even manage to get half the things done that I’m supposed to.

My mornings can begin in two ways:

A) My alarm rings at 6:00am. I pleasantly roll out of bed to switch it off, and take my time getting ready to leave for school. Sometimes I’ll even get an extra ten minutes to play a little violin or piano before I go.

B) I wake up to my mother shaking my shoulder, telling me that I slept through my alarm (again) and we’re going to be late for school (again). I throw on an old sweatshirt, grab a piece of slightly burned toast, and flail out the doorway.

I’m sure you can guess which one is more frequent.Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 11.00.40 PM

I move on to English class, where I can only hope that I’m not delayed and my teacher doesn’t take off points from my homework for just that. Following is nap- sorry, I mean history class- and then math. After my math teacher gives us the lesson (along with plenty of hilarious dry-humored comments), we generally get time in class to start on the homework. There’s a fifteen-minute break, and then I proceed on to run two and a half miles in PE class. Joy. Such joy.

Drama class consists of lots of laughing and screaming and wonderfully dramatic fake-weeping; it’s very rare that there will be normal talking. Lunch is taken up by walking around or going to club meetings, and Spanish class afterwards is actually rather uneventful. Biology class always proves to be interesting though, especially when my teacher agrees to have the lesson outside.

At precisely 3:15pm, the bell rings and I’m off to get picked up. Sometimes I’ll go along with my mom to pick up my sister, but other times I’ll stay at our house and do homework (or sing loudly and dance around like a lunatic with only the dog as a witness). Homework takes at least two hours to get done, and sometimes I’ll have classes in the evening that take up another solid three hours. Practicing violin is also a must every day- it has to get done.

So, when do I get time to draw and write?

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.58.13 PMI try to leave drawing for the weekends so I can actually sit down and finish something; it’s a bit harder for me to leave a drawing unfinished and come back to it later, somehow the inspiration seems to fade a bit.

Writing is a bit tougher.

That’s why I like to try and get it done throughout the day. I always have my writing notebook with me, and I make it a point to try and write something or the other every single day (I try to subdue my inner editor for these particular little blurbs- if I didn’t, the cringe attacks seriously would not stop). It doesn’t matter if it’s a paragraph or a full-length chapter, I just want to make sure that I keep writing. Because I know that if I don’t write and keep in practice, I’ll lose the skills I’ve been working to develop.

So here’s our lesson of the day- write something every single day! Try starting a journal, whether it’s a physical one or perhaps a blog (keep in mind, it doesn’t always have to be public!). Even a Word document will suffice. But make it a point to write about something you’ve experienced, or something you’ve learned. Making up characters and writing about them is lots of fun, too.

Stay inspired, nerdlings!


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