How to have a not-bummer Summer

My dear nerdlings, summer is upon us.

At last.

Time to buckle down and do absolutely nothi- sorry, I meant to say “be productive and wise with my time,” not anything else. Heheheh.

Now, I know that without school, time seems endless. Sometimes it can result in ultimate creative demise because your brain is a little bit too relaxed.

So without further ado, I give you my ten ideas to help spark that inspiration once more.

Arya’s Ten Things To Do When You’re Bored in Summer:

1. Write a novel.

This is basically my go-to answer to everything.

2. Discover a new music group or artist.

Ask a friend for recommendations, or you could just poke around YouTube.

3. Actually watch Supernatural after repeatedly being told to do so by friends.

‘Nuff said.

4. Make a cake.

Or, if you’re like me, attempt to make a cake.

5. Dance.

This can mean just jumping around like a crazy person in time with music (Or not in time. Whatever floats your boat.).

6. Buy funky hats.

And with the magical invention of, the laziness factor doesn’t even have to be affected!

7. Endlessly scroll through Tumblr.

I swear, my Tumblr dashboard never ends. Never.

8. Make up a new secret language.

It can consist of screeches or hand wiggles or unflattering facial expressions. Your choice.

9. Talk to plants.

Don’t let difference in species prevent you from making new friends. Maybe you could even teach them your new secret language.

10. Redecorate your cave.

If boredom ever strikes, I take it as a sign to completely re-organize my beloved hermit cave. This can vary from moving furniture around to putting a sticky note on the wall.


And there you have it, my ten things to do if you ever find yourself absolutely bored out of your mind. If any of you are not out of school yet, good luck with finals, you’ll do great! And if you are, then have a fantabulous summer. Try to do something every single day! 🙂

Stay cool, nerdlings,

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