Arya does the Character Blog Hop

Desiree over at the Inky Tavern just did this on her lovely blog and I decided I’d give it a shot as well! I believe I shall be answering seven questions about a character in an in-progress work of mine and then proceeding on to nominate a few other bloggers to do the same. And now, introducing… Kat!

Meet Kat! These are just a few rough sketches I did today in the standard rough-character-concept-sketch clothes I use. All artwork © me, please don't steal!

Meet Kat! These are just a few rough sketches I did today in the standard rough-character-concept-sketch clothes I use.


1. What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or historical?

Her name is Kathleen Fisher and she goes by Kat. She’s fictional (sadly… the two of us would make rather good friends).


2. When and where is the story set?

The story is set in a modern-esque sort of time, basically somewhere between 2012 and 2016. It’s pretty open to interpretation. It takes place primarily during the summer in California (or somewhere else, haven’t quite decided that yet).


3. What should we know about him/her?

Kat is a reader. She loves books more than anything else- well, except maybe peanut-butter-mayonnaise sandwiches- and she is constantly carrying around some story or another. She likes to write as well, but is never confident enough to let other people know that.


4. What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Well, you see, I would tell you this, but that would give away the plot of my story! So all I’ll say for now is that it has something to do with her family and friends. 😛


5. What is the personal goal of the character?

Kat, a lot like myself, just wants to be happy. My inspiration for the whole story came through the wish to “find my happy” if you will; I know that I’m definitely not the only one out there who wants to live my life to the fullest and enjoy myself in whatever I do. The plotline centers mostly around her “quest” to find her happy. Oh, and she also wants to publish a novel at some point in her life (when she stops being so self-conscious).


5. Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

There is indeed a working title- My Life as a Mayonnaise Jar. It was actually inspired by a conversation I had with my mom- she told me about a TED Talk or article or something or the other that she had found online in which someone spoke about how much a simple jar of mayonnaise could hold before reaching its full limit.

At the moment, the novel is still in a very rough stage, but as time progresses I’ll hopefully be showing you guys bits and pieces from it. I can’t wait!


6. When can we expect the book to be published?

Eheheheheheheheh…. That could be a while, considering it’s not fully written yet (and I won’t even get into how much I’ll have to edit it). But as soon as it does, I’ll let you guys know. 😛


I believe that would be all for this Character Blog Hop. I had fun with it, and hopefully these three lovely humans will, too:

  1. Emily over at The Loony Teen WriterI love her blog, and I would love to know more about characters in her novel(s)!
  2. Jenna from The Mush ProjectI know Jenna’s not currently working on a novel, but I do know she has lots of original characters that are quite fantabulous.
  3. Writesy from The Musings of WritingShe’s a great writer and I would love to know more about her characters and stories!

If anyone else is interested, go for it! Be sure to link your post to me so I can check out your awesome characters 😀

Until next time, fantastic nerdlings,


  1. theoddsock0712

    Oooh this was fun to just read through 🙂 I think I’m gonna go and check out your writing creative corner cos I’m interested and I like your ideas <3:D


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