Once Upon a Time: Let’s go exploring!

When I was little, I was absolutely convinced that I was a very serious, very legitimate explorer of wilderness.

My friends and I would gather up our food, water, binoculars, and notebooks and head out to the backyard, where we would set up camp in the play structure. There, we would have very serious and legitimate conversations about very serious and legitimate things like bird count, caterpillar food, and bunny races. Very serious and legitimate.

We would stay out there for hours at a time- as long as we possibly could before our parents called us in for dinner. Some days, we would even be able to go for a walk in a nearby park instead of just sticking around in the backyard.

Those are some of my best memories with my friends. The idea of exploring nature absolutely fascinated us, and it’s probably one of the reasons I love science so much today.

So why am I bringing this up? Well, this weekend, my family and I are heading out on a road trip for the first time in a while. We’re going to Point Reyes, a place on the coast that’s a couple hours of driving from our house. We’ve gone there multiple times before, and always, always, always stayed at the same place that I love so much- but the last time we went was about three years ago.

I’m incredibly excited to leave (we’re actually going to leave in about fifteen minutes, I’m scrambling to type up this post before I’ll most likely lose my wifi for the next three days- the place is gorgeous but has rather spotty wifi). Point Reyes is full of life ranging from trees to birds to elk to funky-lookin’ mushrooms growing on the forest floor. I have a feeling that my inner chil- sorry, explorer- will be released even on just the drive to the place.

I think one of the things I’m the most excited about would be the birds; ever since I was little, I’ve had sort of a thing for birds, especially birds of prey. The last time we went to Point Reyes, my entire trip was centered around trying to see an osprey (my bird obsession at the time- even my username everywhere was “Osprey17”). I had a whole blog n’ everything going just for that one road trip, and every single post of it was me rambling about how much I was dying to see an osprey.

No, that blog is not still up on the interwebs, so unfortunately you nerdlings won’t be able to go and catch a glimpse into munchkin-Arya’s brain. But I will tell you that I did not get to see an osprey (and was quite disappointed, in fact).

I still have a little bit of a hope in the back of my mind that I’ll see an osprey on this trip (keep your fingers crossed for me!). My inner explorer definitely still craves learning more and more about the world around me, and I plan on using this trip to do just that. I’m even bringing along my AP Bio textbook and homework to see if I can relate this trip into one of the projects I’m working on!

So the lesson here is this, nerdlings: Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner explorer. Keep your eyes open all the time, because the world around us is so big and beautiful and full of fantastic things and there is so much we can learn from just looking a bit closer. I look forward to leaving in the next five minutes or so, and though I might be away from the magical internet for the next three days, I will enjoy every second of it to the fullest.

Now, get off the screen and go discover the world!

Always the explorer,



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  2. theoddsock0712

    I keep on accidentally unfollowing you so sorry about that… XD I actually feel inspired to go out and do something now, I’m a very outdoors person but when it comes into contact with people I definitely don’t enjoy it nearly as much… 😛 I’m thinking that over the summer I’ll plan some small trips and walks to do with a few people just to have a go at being with people 🙂


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