Saturday Shorts: If You Know Where to Look


A rather desperate, twelve year old Hudson Winchester yelled through cupped hands as he trekked through the forest. His family’s cabin had long disappeared behind him, but he wasn’t worried. He knew this place like he knew every single Metallica album his dad owned. It was home.

LILAH PARKER, ARE YOU OUT THERE?!” he called out again, stopping in his tracks. The rough earth was covered in freshly-fallen leaves, barely crunching beneath his feet as he halted. Hudson breathed in the scent of the tall trees around him and smiled.

He knew where to look.

The brown-haired boy pushed past increasingly-dense bushes until he broke out into a small cove off the lake, the grassy shore protected by thick foliage. The large, flat surfaces of boulders peeked their surfaces out of the twinkling blue water, practically calling Hudson to bask in the sun on top of them. But no- he had to keep an eye out for Lilah.


Hudson glanced around, frowning. He was so sure that she would have been sitting right there by the water’s edge, smirking at the fact that it had taken him so long to find her. This is weird, he thought, This is so, so-

Water splashed onto him from above, breaking him out of his thoughts. Hudson jumped, startled.

Laughter broke out, and Hudson glanced up to see a sandy-haired girl perched on a much taller rock, clutching a red bucket in one hand. Her wavy pigtails bounced as she gracefully leaped down next to him, smoothing out her loose white t-shirt as soon as she landed.

“Wow, that took you a while,” Lilah said, brown eyes twinkling.

“Aw, shut up, Li, Mom was buggin’ me to help her clean up the kitchen, she only let me go after I finished,” Hudson protested.

The Parker family’s vacation home was all the way on the opposite side of the lake. But Lilah, being Lilah, made sure to let Hudson know when she wanted to see him (though she wouldn’t always tell him where).

It was the best part of their lake-house trips.

The almost-thirteen year old girl rolled her eyes and promptly placed the bucket over Hudson’s head. “Sure thing. Now, what are we waiting for, let’s swim!” Lilah grinned, pulling off her t-shirt to reveal her blue-printed swimsuit. Before Hudson could say anything, she grabbed his hand and dragged him into the water.

“Jeez, it’s cold!” Hudson whined as they paddled out of the little cove.

“Oh, man up, Hudson, it’s not that bad.”

They swam all the way into the very center of the large lake, where there was a wooden platform suspended. They crawled up onto it and lay on their stomachs, the early-summer sun beating down on their backs.

Lilah idly dragged her fingertips through the water, swirling them in patterns. Hudson watched her closely, admiring the way her eyes glinted almost golden in the sunlight.

“I missed this place,” Lilah said suddenly. Her hand stopped moving.

Hudson smiled softly. “Me, too.”

She rolled over onto her back, closing her eyes and stretching her arms over her head. “I’m glad we have a whole two weeks to enjoy here.”

“Me, too.”

The two kids were quiet, enjoying the gentle waves coursing through the water and rocking the wooden platform back and forth very slightly.

“I missed you, Hudson.”

His smile broadened.

“Missed you too, Lilah.”

Good evening, nerdlings!

(Or good morning. Or afternoon. Or perhaps middle-of-the-night. It’s evening where I am, okay?).

As you might know by now, I really love writing. And with writing comes characters. Those lovely imaginary humans that you develop to a point that sometimes you actually forget that they’re not real.

I love creating characters.

One of my friends and I actually have an entire universe of characters we’ve created that we constantly work with. But you see, these characters are special- neither of us are actually using them in a novel (at the moment, at least). Sure, we write stories with them- but they’re all short, just simple oneshots or drabbles.

The characters in my novel, My Life as a Mayonnaise Jar, are just my characters. I created them, I developed them. They came from my imagination, they’re inspired by the things see in my everyday life.

But the characters in the little story excerpt you just read- they’re our characters.

They’re too special to just be mine.

So, what I’m trying to say here is this: sometimes it’s even more fun to create things with other people. Together. It brings you closer, gives you things to talk about, and it opens up an entire new world of fantastic ideas.

In other news, I’ve hit a little bit of a writing block after hitting 10k in my novel. But hopefully I’ll be able to work through it- and I’ll have a bit more time on my hands after my chemistry class gets over at the end of next week. Huzzah!

All you other NaNo-ers out there- keep up the fantastic writing! We’re halfway there, I’m sure you’ll all win with flying colors 🙂

Have a fantabulous weekend, nerdlings, and I hope you enjoyed this little story excerpt!

Until next time,


  1. theoddsock0712

    I loved reading your little writing part (I don’t even know what to call it) but yeah I enjoyed reading it, you have a definite style :3 Anyway, thats like a completely new idea to me: sharing characters, hehe I might need to find a friend who’d do that with me XD IT SOUNDS FUN 😀 who do you share lilah and hudson with if ya don’t mind me asking? 🙂


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