Good Gravy, I’m Behind on Life.

I have a lot of work to do.

I would list out all the things here, but 1) that would take too long and 2) I already have a handy-dandy list of things I have to do pinned up to my wall next to my new desk. But my point is, life is hectic.

My chemistry class finally ended. I have two weeks until school starts. Part of me is jittery with excitement for the first day of sophomore year, but there’s also that part that’s uncomfortably squirming at the thought of work.

So I better make sure to use every day left of my summer to its full extent.

The past week has made me think a lot about what I’m doing with my time; am I spending it wisely? Maybe instead of taking that hour to scroll through the black hole that is my Tumblr feed, I should use it to complete another AP Bio study guide. Or maybe, instead of watching that next episode of Supernatural, I should work on my novel.

What to do, what to do, what to do!


I know that I’m not the only one that sometimes feels like I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. There are so many projects I want to take on and complete within a mere six months from now- multiple novel ideas, t-shirt designs, movies, and more. There’s just so many different ways I could spend my time, so many different ideas to explore. And I’ve found that thinking about it this much actually stresses me out a lot, leading me to… well, procrastinating.

Time waits for no one. Time keeps moving steadily along, never faltering. Whether we bother to measure it or not, life will keep moving forward. And that’s why we gotta use every second of it to upgrade something from the “goal” status to “achieved”.

There’s something very important that you should remember when you’re life-ing, though: enjoy yourself. What’s the point of doing anything if you’re not having fun? Yes, I know that sometimes work is difficult. I know that sometimes we have to sit down and do something that might not be particularly entertaining in order to move forward. But in the end, it becomes a benefit, right?

Let’s forget the word “busy” for a minute. Whatever you are doing right now, stop for just a little bit. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of editing a blog post or drawing a picture of a snail living in a mushroom-house.

Bring up a fresh Word document (or get a piece of paper). Title the page “[your name]’s Two-Week T0-Do List”. (If you come up with a more creative title, use that- and be sure to tell me down below, I’d love to hear it!). Figure out three things you want to do before August 12th (that’s when my school starts, so that can be our deadline for now). These don’t have to be super big things- it can be as simple as “make my bed every morning for the next fourteen days” or “finish that drawing I started six months ago but haven’t worked on since then”. Write those three things down in large, bold letters, then figure out how you’re going to achieve them and write that down below each one. Now, put that paper up somewhere that you’ll see every single day (bonus points if you decorate it first).

So, the next time you’re sitting around and not feeling up to doing anything, remember your list. Remember the things you want to do, and go out and do them. And most of all, enjoy yourself while doing them. It’ll all be so worth it, trust me.

It’s about time that I get back to working on my novel, which I’ve neglected doing for the past two days. One of my goals is to hit 35k words before August 12th- I’m currently at about 13k. Now that the weight of chemistry work is off my shoulders, I have plenty of time to get crackin’ on those goals of mine.

Forget “dreams”- make it come true and they won’t be just that anymore.

Have the time of your lives, nerdlings,

P.S.  I just thought of something interesting. Why is it called procrastination if “pro” is generally a prefix implying good things? If you have any ideas, let me know down below!


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  2. nevillegirl

    I always have so much that needs to be done, even in the summer! College applications, work, piano practice, etc…. and then there are the things I want to do, like reading, writing, and blogging! But as long as I make a list, I stay (more or less) on track.


  3. theoddsock0712

    I’m feeling exactly the same at the moment, I have too many things I want to do and have written down as goals, I’m gonna do that 3 goals thing and I think I’ll title it… ‘A LIST OF THINGS TO DO WHEN I’M LYING ON THE FLOOR WITHOUT ANY MOTIVATION TO EVER GET UP’ 😉

    As for procrastination, I’m also baffled, I might actually look that up or put it on my creatively named to do list 😀


      • theoddsock0712

        Yeah, I have a habit of planning too much and then I get stressed when I can’t achieve any of it ;P I HAVE LOOKED IT UP…

        Okay so, pro is obviously forwards to towards (that kind of thing), and ‘crastinus’ is for tomorrow or belonging to tomorrow… So pro because you are leaving it FOR tomorrow 🙂 that actually makes some sense but I’m still glad I took spanish instead of latin this year XD


        • thatnerdyartaddict

          Same here! I always seem to get stuck in the place where I’ll MAKE the list but won’t get through it because it’s just so much to do, y’know?

          Ohhhh that does make quite a bit of sense! Thanks for looking it up 😀 And wow, you have the option to take Latin as a language?!?!?1!


  4. wildspiritontheloose

    No idea why it’s called procrastination, but you bring up a good point… It’s not a good thing at all. Maybe it has the prefix pro- because it prevents you from doing a good thing(s)? That’s all I’ve got.

    I find reward systems work pretty well! Promise yourself that you’re allowed to watch one episode of Supernatural ONLY after you’re done writing a thousand words of your novel, or after you’ve written for however long one episode of Supernatural lasts (I don’t watch this show, I’m going to guess it’s around 40 minutes per episode?) Sit down and write for 40 minutes then watch an episode. It’s a good trade off and it keeps you going 🙂


    • thatnerdyartaddict

      Hmm, that’s actually pretty good. I’ll have to research it soon, my curiosity has been officially piqued 😛

      That’s definitely a great system, I do things like that a lot with my violin practice- play for half an hour, then take ten minutes of break before starting up again. Supernatural does indeed last about 40 minutes per episode- and you should definitely watch it if you get the chance, it’s fantastic 😀


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