There’s a Soundtrack to This Crazy Movie

Picture from here

Picture from here

Am I the only one that imagines the soundtrack to my life?

I like to think of my life as a movie of sorts. I have my own story to live out as I grow older and discover new things. I’ll face challenges, but that’s okay, because in the end I know that they’ll help make me stronger.

And of course, every good movie has to have a fantabulous soundtrack, right?


I love music. Ever since I was young, it has been an enormous part of my life- and it will definitely continue to be so. Music is that one thing I can always go back to because there’s just so much variety, I never ever get bored of simply scrolling through tracks and finding new songs to blast through my headphones.

Music fits my moods. I can make it fit my moods. Somehow I feel empowered by even getting to choose what I listen to and how many times I listen to it.

Then other times, I want to let someone else choose for me. I’ll go to Spotify radio and listen to whatever is thrown my way. Musical surprises are always fantastic.

So today, my dear nerdlings, I have decided to put together a very special playlist of music for you. It’s a playlist that always changes based on what happens to me or what happens to people around me. The only constant here is variation itself. It could change over a course of time, or in a split second. Maybe it’s music I relate to, maybe it’s just music that I like because the tune is catchy. For all I know, this playlist will be totally different tomorrow morning.

This right here will be the soundtrack to my life as it is right at this very moment.


In case you couldn’t tell, I’ve been feeling rather cheery and excitable lately. 😛

I encourage you lovely humans out there to put together a constantly-changing playlist, too. Add songs, take away songs, keep songs, do whatever you want to it. It’s yours. Only for you. Put only exactly what you want to listen to in there. And if you don’t feel like something, take it out. And don’t be afraid to explore new music, too!

Keep working on that soundtrack to your lives, nerdlings.

Always listening,

P.S. I really, really, really love talking about music (in case you couldn’t tell), so feel free to strike up a conversation with me! I’ll just keep going on the topic, trust me. 😛 What’s your favorite genre of music?


  1. nevillegirl

    I… actually haven’t listened to most of these songs before! We must like really different music. I did a version of this post once, songs that remind me of different parts of my life. 🙂 It was fun.

    At the moment I’m really enjoying “Ordinary Human” by OneRepublic, maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s going to be in the movie adaptation of The Giver and I think they did a really good job with it.


    • thatnerdyartaddict

      Well, I’m glad I put them up, then- I love introducing new music 🙂 I should go give that a look on your site, I enjoy FINDING new songs as much as I do introducing them!

      Eeeeek, that song is fantastic! I’m just a gigantic fan of OneRepublic in general, their music is amazing. They’re incredible live, as well, I was lucky enough to get to see them in concert at the start of this summer! I’m a bit skeptical about The Giver movie since it would be really difficult to turn that story into a film, but I’m very excited about the music. 😛


  2. Sincerely Kate

    One of the questions I ask new pen pals is “If your life was a movie, what would it be called, who would play you, and what are 3 songs that would be on the soundtrack? So YES! I have thought about what songs would be in the movie that is my life. For the record, the three that I tell my pen pals is “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind, “I Could Not Ask for More” by Edwin McCain, and “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas 😀


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