The Great Give-Up (In Which I Don’t Actually Give Up)

There will be that point with everything in which giving up seems like the best option.

Whether this is with schoolwork, drawings, or learning how to do cartwheels, there’s always that moment when it feels like you simply don’t have the physical or mental capacity to keep up with everything.

This is that point with this blog.

Now, before I go any further- no, I am not giving up writing this blog! I love blogging way too much; being able to share my thoughts, my art, the community in general… it’s actually quite amazing.

But I do feel a bit like I’ve hit a wall.

Sometimes my mind just feels absolutely, utterly, completely overloaded with everything, and when that happens, other things slip. Things that aren’t number one, two, and three on my priority list start to collapse, and I have to scramble to fix them. Other times, I won’t even have a list- the scramble will be to create one in the first place. The latter is what I’m dealing with here and now; I knew that school would be a lot of work along with extracurriculars ramping up, as well, but to be honest, I was not ready for this.


I know I’m only a sophomore in high school, but I think it might be just the thought that the workload is going to keep ramping up that’s getting to me. Homework is tough, dude.

So what’s my solution here? Once a week, my friends; once a week I have decided to dedicate at least a good solid hour to solely working on this blog and catching up on reading other blogs, too. Of course, I’ll try to write more during the week, but at this point I just really gotta work on time management (seriously, even with all the awesome calendar apps and pretty planners, I’m awful at managing my time).

I’m working on finding new things to write about besides school and work- currently, that’s been all that’s on my mind. Maybe you’ll get to see a little bit more of my novel-in-progress (which I haven’t worked on in forever… oops), or maybe you’ll see some of the photos I’ve taken for my photography class at school (it’s seriously fantastic, I’m having a blast with it). Hopefully my creative brain will be expanded in effort to think up new material and the block will go away! 🙂

When I started blogging, I had this gut feeling that there would be a point where I would begin to find more and more excuses not to write. I refuse to let that happen with this. I’ve done it too many times before with other projects, and I refuse to let that happen to this one.

The important life lesson of this post? Never, ever, ever let the wall get in your way. You could climb over it, use an ultra-powerful ninja kick to smash your way through, or even just pull a full on ghost-move and walk right through it. Whatever works the best for you.

Keep moving forward, nerdlings.


  1. thepaperbutterfly

    You know, I went all of 2013 without any writing because I was in a lot of pain and anxious/depressed. I needed another hip preservation surgery, but no surgeon could agree on what needed to be done, and I was seeing the best of the best. So I took a year off. I was a bit rusty at the beginning of this year, but now I’m writing better than ever. I think blogging once a week is a good goal, but don’t beat yourself up if you have to stop for a while. High school is tough, so is college. Just do what you can, but definitely put academics first. I’m in a situation now that I can work part time and still make $70,000 a year. Pretty cool 🙂 But I went through 9 years of college (undergrad + grad school).


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