You Are Now Officially Allowed To Be Excited For Halloween (plus writing)

Holy mother of all things fluffy, it’s already October.

Before I (or any of us, I’m sure) was able to think about it for even a second, almost two months of school have gone by. I’ll be finishing up my eighth week of sophomore year tomorrow. Then there are about three weeks left of October.


However, the start of October always makes me excited. It’s around this time that lessons at school start to pick up and get more and more interesting, the weather starts to cool off, and, of course, preparation for Halloween!


Yes, I am aware that Halloween excitement does not always generate at the beginning of October, but in case you’re like me, I now give you the official permission to do an excited Halloween happy dance. My ideas for costumes have already started formulating… but more on that later. 🙂

Let’s talk about October in terms of writing.

As (I hope) you all know, October is the month that comes before November.

And as (some of) you (might) know, November is National Novel Writing Month.

What I’m trying to say here is that October is my month of inspiration. I always find myself excited at this time of the year, designing my characters and laying out plotlines to go with them. Sometimes in all the excitement, I even end up writing tons of little flash-fiction pieces.

My novel, My Life as a Mayonnaise Jar, is currently somewhere around the halfway point. Between now and the end of December, I plan on finishing it.

NaNoWriMo is going to be a fantabulous motivator to get me back into a regular habit of writing (at least, I think it will be). I’m super pumped about getting started this year, keep your eyes peeled for updates on progress! 😀

I think the main thing that I’ve been very grumpy about this week is the weather. Like I have said a couple times already, it’s October now. October is typically cooler weather, right?


If you live in California, that is.

Generally, it’s not this bad. Yeah, it might get up to the 80’s (degrees Farenheight, that is… not Celsius, that would be very bad), but according to the weather app on my phone, tomorrow is going to be between 88 and 90 degrees.

I do not like hot weather.

And maybe this is just me, but I somehow always feel more in a mood to write or draw or read when it’s chilly outside. Somehow being able to sit inside at my desk with a mug of hot tea while writing is much more appealing than feeling overheated and exhausted. Do any of you ever feel like this?!

I somehow have a feeling that there will be many more episodes of me complaining about the weather in the future, so brace yourselves for that, nerdlings.

Hopefully on Saturday you’ll catch a glimpse into some of the little bits of flash fiction I’ve written in my spare time over the past couple weeks- I can’t wait! 🙂

Stay fantabulous,



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