Review: Lift a Sail

Good day, nerdlings!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 12.51.13 PMAbout a week ago, one of my favorite bands of all time, Yellowcard, came out with a new album.

First of all, EEEEEEEE! I’m super pumped about this new music- I’ve been listening to Yellowcard for quite a while now (since around sixth or seventh grade) and I love seeing all the different things they’ve come up with over time. When they announced the upcoming release of their ninth album, Lift a Sail, a couple months ago, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Also, let me just say- the cover art is probably my favorite out of all the Yellowcard albums. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, and it totally fits with the mood of the whole album.

So, in honor of this awesome new release, I’ve decided that I’ll share some of my thoughts on this album. Be sure to give it a listen, I’m quite fond of it! If you want to buy it, you can do so right here through iTunes.


1. Convocation

Okay, I really love this song as an opening track. It’s peaceful and smooth, and it sets the mood for the full album. As a violinist myself, I know that technical-wise it isn’t super complicated or anything, but I really dig the deep, resounding tone of it. A good pair of headphones are highly, highly recommended on this one.

2. Transmission Home

Transmission Home is personally one of my favorites on the album. I’m really enjoying a lot of the lyrics here, and the strong beat throughout the background really appeals to me. This is the first song that really indicates Yellowcard’s changes style-wise; it isn’t really like any song of theirs that I’ve ever heard before. But it’s definitely the good kind of different.

3. Crash the Gates

This song is electric. That is literally the first thing that came into my mind when I originally listened to it. I love the energy that builds up all throughout it. And I’d have to say that my favorite lyric from this song is “I won’t crave to feel contempt”. Gosh diddly darn, I just really love Yellowcard’s lyrical work.

4. Make Me So

Okay, this song is another favorite off the album. Maybe it’s because it reminds me a bit more of their old style (with a few new twists). Either way, I really love the more upbeat tempo of this song; it’s really quite fantabulous to jam out to while cleaning my room, getting ready for school, or just dancing like a crazy person (because let’s face it, we all do that at least once in a while).

5. One Bedroom

This is the very first song I heard from the album, before the full thing was even released (it’s the first single that came out). This is another song that good headphones/speakers are a must- the baseline and consistent beat tie the whole thing together. It’s a softer song with a sweet message behind it, especially when you look at the context in which it was written.

6. Fragile and Dear

Honestly, I would have never guessed this to be a Yellowcard song if I hadn’t known before. They’ve definitely expanded a lot in terms of the way their music plays out, and it’s super evident in this song. I think the thing that I’m enjoying the most about this song is the violin- throughout some of the other songs I haven’t heard as much of it, but I like how it ties into Fragile and Dear.

7. Illuminate

love the guitar parts in this song. It’s really nice in contrast to Fragile and Dear as well because the tempo picks up. I’m definitely a fan of the lyrics here, too (“a future full of unwritten things we hope to write”). This might be one of my favorites off the album, too.

8. Madrid

Love, love, love the contrast between this song and the last. Ryan Key’s vocals are really great in this particular song, as well; overall, I’m really enjoying this song for when I just want to lie back and contemplate life.

9. The Deepest Well

Okay, I feel like I’m repeating myself a bit here, but I LOVE YELLOWCARD’S LYRICS!!! Their honesty, their thoughtfulness- I love it all. I’m a big fan of the more rock-ish feel to this song, as well, I personally think it’s super great to jam out to while drawing.

10. Lift a Sail

This is my ultimate favorite song off the entire album. This song has actually been the one on repeat for me for the past couple days. The style of it actually reminds me of many of their older songs, especially in the way it builds up as verses progress on. I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of the lyrics because they’re just so relatable and so well-said. Definitely digging this song a lot.

11. MSK

The violin part in this song reminds me a lot of Believe, one of Yellowcard’s much older songs, and when I heard it I was rather pleased. I like the simplicity of this song quite a bit, as well- it’s quite peaceful to listen to.

12. My Mountain

I like the upbeat rhythm of this song quite a bit, and I really like how there are sort of unexpected key changes throughout that keep it interesting. Personally not one of my FAVORITES from the album, but I do enjoy listening to it and jammin’ out to it in my room, whether alone or with friends. I like the bridge/guitar solo part of the song, too.

13. California

Love the tenderness of this song- I really like it as a last track for the album. It sort of ties together the whole thing in a cycle, starting off with pure instrumental and ending with strong vocals. This song has actually made it onto my “At Night” playlist that I listen to in order to wind down after a long day.

So, there you have it- my thoughts on Yellowcard’s newest album, Lift a Sail. Overall, I really like this album. It’s great to see Yellowcard still putting out awesome music; even though I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they didn’t like the style differences at all, I’m actually quite fond of them. I personally like hearing different things- I would get bored if everything stayed the same! I would have maybe liked to hear a bit more of violin throughout the entire thing, but other than that, I’m super pumped about this album. Once again, if you enjoyed it, you should go buy it on iTunes right over here.

I’m off to go finish off my homework (with Lift a Sail playing in the background, of course!). Have a fantabulous week, nerdlings.

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