Wash Your Hands- Or You’ll Be Sneezing.

Well, nerdlings, it’s back.

The dreaded cold has conquered me once again.

3253732_371749_369FFFC3-99CF-FBBE-EED17E0BA25ED73AAbout halfway through the school day yesterday, I felt my nose start to itch and my throat start to hurt. At first, I dismissed it, suspecting it to be only allergies and nothing more- but three cough drops and two full water bottles later, it wasn’t gone.

I came home that night to start my homework, wanting to get it done as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t have to worry about it in the morning before school or during lunch hours the next day, but then I just gave up. As much as I try to avoid taking days off from school (even one day leaves me so, so, so behind with work), I decided that I would not be waking up at 5:45 in order to reach a 7am class on time.

Instead of actually being a productive human today, I woke up, brushed my teeth, ate some food, and slept for a good solid two hours more. I proceeded on to watch multiple episodes of Supernatural before taking another nap. And now, here I am, rambling about my extremely uneventful day to the internet.

Sometimes we all just need a day off to get back to a fully-functional state (I know I definitely did, I can’t even imagine how it would have been if I went to school today). If you’re reading this with a stuffed nose and irritated throat, as well, then here are a few of my tips to feeling a bit better.

1. Sleep!

Sleep is absolutely, absolutely, absolutely essential to staying healthy. Lately, I haven’t been getting much sleep, so sleeping for about five hours extra today was a massive help. If you can’t sleep, try drinking warm water with honey, or taking some sort of medication that will not only help you fall asleep, but clear up your nasal passage as well. Two-in-one things are always my favorites… like shampoo/conditioner mixes. Sooo much more efficient.

2. Fluids are your friends.

I didn’t eat much today because… well, generally when you’re feeling queasy, you don’t want to eat. So instead, I practically drank my weight in water and tea. Just boiling water with ginger is actually a really good way to reduce nausea as well as soothe your throat- it worked like magic for me. And if you don’t like tea, maybe try drinking fresh-squeezed juices- things like orange juice have a lot of vitamins that are good for you.

3. Do only what you want to.

Whether this is reading, watching TV, or just lying in bed listening to music, do only things that you feel like doing. Don’t force yourself into anything difficult or stressful- use this time to just rest up and relax. Focus on getting better, not what you’re missing while you’re sick. 🙂

Alrighty, I do believe that I am finished with my health ramble now. Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal self by tomorrow morning- being sick stinks. Now, I’ll just be going back to sleeping on the couch with my dog sitting on my feet.

Be sure to wash your hands frequently and cough into your elbows, nerdlings,


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