We Are The Hidden Creatives

from der-mann-schlaeft.tumblr.com

from der-mann-schlaeft.tumblr.com


It’s a term that I like to use to help identify myself.

I also identify myself as something of a musician, because I play violin, or something of an artist, since I like to draw.

There are so many ways that all of us identify ourselves, whether it be to other people or just to ourselves.

See, even though I like to think of myself to be these things, it’s not extremely frequent that I’ll go around telling people right off the bat. For example, a lot of my friends- from school especially- aren’t even aware that I have this space on the internet where I like to write things sometimes. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or anything like that- it’s just that I didn’t happen to see the point in telling them these things about me.

From my own experience so far, it just seems that during high school, a lot of people are primarily focused on school, grades, college, tests, college, tests for college, college, college applications, college, college, college… maybe things like sports or music or theater that are done through school. In general, setting up a path for the future. It was rare that I would find others that were into the same things as me (looking past things like music taste and mutual love for Chipotle, I mean).

But I realized the other day that I am SURROUNDED with people who like creating things, too.

A few have blogs, a couple have YouTube channels, lots of them like drawing and writing and making films… the thing that I love is that they like to share what they do, too. And if they don’t like to put content out for the eyes of the general public, I’m always appreciative of the times that they may decide to show me.

Actually, I just appreciate creativity.

And after really looking at it, that “creativity” is DEFINITELY not boxed into things like music, art, theater, or writing. Creativity is the willingness to drive the things that may pop up in your brain into a tangible form or forms. New medical techniques and therapies? That’s creativity. Simpler ways to do math problems rather than extremely long and tedious methods (cough, DERIVATIVES, cough)- that is some innovative stuff right there.

(Cue the John Green reference here: My name is Arya and I appreciate you, creativity!!!)

What I’m looking to say here is this: creativity is EVERYWHERE. Whether it be in that one guy’s photography blog or that girl’s idle doodling on the side of her history notes, creativity is part of what makes us humans. Everyone has it, no matter how much they may feel that they don’t.

We are all the hidden creatives.

Let’s make sure not to lose that.


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  2. thepaperbutterfly

    I kind of identify with your highschool experiences. I loved video games and books, but my friends weren’t really into it. I would have loved someone to share that with and now I have friends that are into the same stuff as me 🙂 To be honest, I felt alone in highschool despite being surrounded by friends because it felt like none of them really understood me. I’m actually not friends with my best friend from highschool anymore, but that’s alright. We never clicked on a deeper emotional level. I made her out to be a best friend because I wanted one, but she wasn’t really.

    I made several friends from fanfiction, and they are actually the best friends I’ve ever had. I spent my whole life looking for others like me, and I found them as an adult 😀 We had the internet when I was younger, but Facebook (and other social media sites) didn’t even come out till I was in college XD Yep, I’m that old 😛 I still remember trying to convince my best-friend from highschool to join so that we could keep in touch better, lol.

    I guess the crazy thing is that most of our communication is online, but they are more real to me than the friends I had in real life. We send each other gifts from time to time, and I’ve even gotten to meet a few. I feel very lucky to have found such amazing friends :3 They’ve been there when no one else was, including my parents and at times my husband. Okay, I’m sorry but I think I’ve completely diverged from your topic XD

    As you grow up you will continue to change and relationships may change as well. I’m not really friends with anyone from my highschool anymore, and that’s okay. I feel lucky to have finally found others like me. It’s a good feeling ^^

    I love the new design of your blog 🙂 Very cute and somewhat sophisticated :3


    • thatnerdyartaddict

      I totally understand what you mean about online friends, I actually have a few of those too 🙂 middle school for me was tough because all my friends went to different schools but it’s getting better 😀 thank you so much for your comment, they’re always so thoughtful and I really appreciate that ❤ and thank you very much, I'm quite pleased with the new design as well :3


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