On Perspectives + Biology Class

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(the reason I picked this: Charles Darwin!) from http://typical-murderess.tumblr.com

“You can’t go backwards in your knowledge because you will learn something new every single day, whether you like it or not.”

That’s what my biology teacher constantly told us; even more so as the dreaded AP test rounded the corner.

Taking AP bio has changed me. First of all, my time management skill levels have risen a lot. There’s a ton of material to learn- lack of organization (and patience) in this particular course is quite nearly certain doom. Second, I really love to learn. Before, yes, I did enjoy picking up things, and school wasn’t that much of a bore for me, but I didn’t feel the actual urge to absorb more and more material.

(Sidenote: I actually think I’m learning songs in my music class faster because I’m going through New-Knowledge-Withdrawal or something. Huh.)

My biology teacher is probably one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met in all aspects, and she completely opened my eyes to an entirely new perspective on life.

I’m a big fan of perspectives. I like writing stories from different perspectives, I like to talk to people in depth to learn about their perspectives, I try to incorporate different perspectives into my own thought process so I’m able to put together a better opinion. In some ways, it’s comforting for me to know that there will always be different sides to every situation.

My teacher let us know from the very, very beginning that a deepened knowledge of biology would change our perspectives on the world completely. Trees are no longer trees, they are columns of water. Obscure science jokes in animated movies will make sense (cough, Osmosis Jones, cough). “Feeling the burn” during PE will forever remind me of lactic acid fermentation.

But in all seriousness, biology taught me that everything can be broken down and understood as well as put into a larger perspective. Everything is connected.

I repeat, everything is connected.

Biology sort of showed me that there might be a reason behind the majority of things in life- that reason (or those reasons) might be very well hidden, but I think that’s what science is about. It’s about searching, searching for the reasons, searching for the answers…

And in some cases, it might be searching for the questions to ask in the first place.


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