Dear Over-Stimulative Music…

Dear Over-Stimulative Music,

A lot of people have a lot of different opinions regarding you.

In fact, a lot of people have completely different definitions of you set in their own minds, ones based off of personal preferences or thoughts imposed by others.

Personally, I have quite a level of appreciation for you.

I have an arsenal of playlists residing in the sidebar of my Spotify page, each with their own unique and thought-through order of songs (because I am a gigantic music geek and I obsess over transitions between tracks). A good number of these playlists focus on the quieter types of music, acoustics and the like; others contain more punk, rock, or alternative music, full of electric guitar and hard-hitting drums. There are playlists full of my guilty pleasure music, and there’s a playlist with nothing but Ed Sheeran (because I love Ed Sheeran).

However, I also do have a select few playlists with music of a genre that I’m not entirely sure how to place- maybe there is a name, but I’m not familiar with it. Over-Stimulative Music, I describe you as so because you are the kind of music that I absolutely need to listen to with my set of good-quality, over-the-ear headphones. When I was in middle school, I had little to no affinity for you, but as my tastes have expanded, you have become quite the staple for late nights and early mornings. You are the kind of music that tugs and pulls at thoughts, not necessarily because of lyrics but just sound in general. You are the kind of music where the bassline is heard with ears and felt in the heart.

So, Over-Stimulative Music, thank you.

Thank you for giving me the feeling that my eyes are wide open and my mind is my own place.

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