Travel Thoughts

Funny story:

Pretty much exactly three weeks ago, my family and I hopped onto a plane (well, actually, three consecutive ones) and went to India. I remember writing that last post on this blog and publishing it with gusto, feeling quite proud of myself for keeping up with an almost-consistent posting schedule.

And then this India trip rolled around, and I really didn’t write much at all. 

But I have decided I am okay with that, because instead of fretting over maintaining this blog to a great extent, I focused on each and every moment of this trip. I’ve found that doing so has given me quite a few good stories and ideas to share.

So, to kick off a bunch of posts with topics inspired by my India travels, here are some of the thoughts that went through my head on the very first day of travel. Note: These were all written down throughout the travel experience by yours truly. All of the following is unedited.

Ugh it’s 3 in the morning WHY

It’s really dark at this time. Wow.

Why is the airport THIS crowded? And why do all you people look so energetic? Do you ENJOY being awake at 3 in the morning?!

This is kind of a small plane. Dang it, the luggage wheel got stuck on a seat again. Keep moving Arya keep moving keep moving.

I don’t like air pressure ear bubbles.

I forgot how delicious gum is.


Please do note that this is what the clouds looked like. Check out my VSCO grid for more pictures from the trip!

Please do note that this is what the clouds looked like. Check out my VSCO grid for more pictures from the trip!

Mountains look so cool from this height.

Wait, is that a bridge? I think that’s a bridge. I have no idea what bridge that is.

Woah, when did I fall asleep? How are we already landing??

Okay, airport shuttles to the next gate. This is kinda confusing. MOM, HELP.

Fourteen hour flight, let’s go.

Woah, this plane has a live camera feed!


(unfortunately no picture examples this time)

Jeez, these plane bathrooms are sma- *accidentally hits head on wall across from toilet* OUCH

Let’s see if I can get some summer homework done. *reads one chapter of book* …… y’know what, since they have about twenty billion Disney classics on this entertainment thing, why not have that marathon I’ve been dreaming about all summer?

*watches twenty billion Disney movies*

Flight is over already? Cool!

Woah, this is a futuristic looking airport.

One last leg and we’re finally there. *whew*

*is out cold for the next three hours*

Ugh, getting off this plane is taking forever.

Why must we go through this visa stuff. Why. WHY.


So much walkingggg

Dragging all this luggage is such a pain

Holy moly we are actually here.


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