New Voices: Painted Black

original image

original image

Wings painted black flap effortlessly,

striving for the infliction of pain,

as eyes blink away tears of relief

after catching a breath from their struggle to obtain

the truth.

The pitter patter of young feet

echo through the hallways of the mind

as one recalls the adventure of childhood

and the struggle to define


Droplets of cool rain caress the flesh of my cheek

and wake me from my mental slumber.

Taking a step, and one step more

I move towards the hope of a door

left open.

I’m not so lucky as one might wish,

for today isn’t one in my favor.

I’m left out in the cold with timeless time

as I struggle to define


Make it for another day,

make it for the chance to yell out

that silence isn’t the champion

in the battlefield of one’s mind.

For this body isn’t mine,

this body isn’t what defines

the mind that it once held

in my mental metal prison cell.

So strip the black wings of their feathers

and revive all those it’s left to suffer

and see the truth that you left silent

when it has so much to say

to you.

For a door will one day open,

and you’ll take cover in the warmth of

a friendly, loving, household love

that will caress the flesh of your cheek

like the rain that once left puddles at your feet.

My love, you will defy

the odds as you define

the mind that rests within the mind

that you once held in the palms

of your hands.


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