This Week’s Episode: Brushing off the dust

Fresh composition notebooks, cleaned-out binders, shiny new pens and pencils…

One of my favorite parts of starting school.

For me, the first day of school means a constant sense of dreadful excitement. Excitement because of friends, cool new classes, aforementioned shiny school supplies; dreadful because… well, school. School means getting up at the crack of dawn to arrive on time. School means more of a quick, minimal breakfast (no pancakes on weekdays!!). School means homework, and school means for us to do whatever it takes to finish it.

My bio teacher used to always say to never prioritize a grade over your own health though, and she’s right- the point of homework is to help learn the material, and staying up during the ungodly hours of the night to do a study guide is not going to help the learning process.

This year, getting into school has been particularly rough because of how recently we came back from India. The jetlag hit me pretty hard, and almost as soon as I got over that, I ended up with some kind of nasty sinus-infection-headcold-something-or-the-other. Plus, I don’t even want to think about the fact that I have done absolutely nothing math-related over summer.

Even with music, it’s been a little tough to get going. We put on three shows in India, all in different cities, all within the span of about a week. That meant jam-packed rehearsals every day, intense group practices. It’s been a week since returning to America, and our first group rehearsal was last night. I know we’ve all been practicing on our own, but initially it was a little weird to get back into this huge group and just play, like we did before.

My point here is, despite the jetlag and the sickness and the tons of work needing to be done, I remain optimistic. It’s just like doing a timed write in English class: sometimes finding a thesis to start off with is difficult, but often times, everything will slowly fall into place. It’s just a matter of brushing off the dust and just going for it, head on.


  1. Nirvana

    I’m usually unhealthily excited to go back to school. WEIRD…but the truth XD I didn’t look forward to the first day this time at all. I was tense and a ball of negative energy who wanted to be a hermit hiding in her cave. My best friends had moved away for good, and I didn’t like my other classmates. Ach, hopefully it’ll get better.

    And yes. I need to work on not submitting my homework which was done at ungodly hours as well, and learn not to stress as much 😛


    • thatnerdyartaddict

      Aww, I’m sorry! I totally understand that feeling, I was in a similar situation until I reached high school… and don’t worry too much, I’m sure things will work themselves out 🙂 And yeah, it’s all a part of one big experience, so why stress, right? 😛

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