This Nerdy Kid Who Had A Blog

I knew by the facts that, 1) last week was August and 2) this week is September, today was coming up, but honestly… I’m completely surprised. 

Two years ago, in September, this nerdy kid sat down at a computer and decided that she was going to write a blog. She wrote a couple things, posted a couple pictures, and then by the time November rolled around, she completely forgot this internet space existed. Later down the line in January, when she was home from school with a nasty, nasty case of the flu, she stumbled upon her blog once more. Since she had nothing better to do with her time (obviously catch up homework totally didn’t matter- it was a problem for next week), this kid started to write things again.

A year went by.

While she had originally started her blog for solely herself, year one marked a time where she was starting to become more absorbed with the opinions of others. She found herself apologizing for shorter posts, for missing posting days, feeling guilty because she wasn’t doing her job as a blogger.

It was October of 2014 when she hit a block. The rest of the year went by in a blur, and one post was published on New Year’s Eve.

That post was the decision of the future of her blog. She decided to blog without looking back, without any regrets, without feeling obliged to write anything when she didn’t feel like writing anything. She will not apologize.

And now here we are, two years later, September 1st of 2015. This nerdy kid loves blogging. She loves the thrill of publishing new articles, the ability to express honest opinions, the incredible community. As of August 24th, this nerdy kid has a domain name. 

This nerdy kid has grown a lot. She’s definitely going to grow a lot, a lot, a lot more, but for now… I think she’s doing pretty good.


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