Review: Beauty Behind The Madness

This album came out a little over a week ago, and I feel like from the minute it dropped, there was a large-scale freak out. 

So, I have only recently started following The Weeknd’s music; the first song I really heard was “Earned It.” To be honest, I didn’t really like his style at first, since it’s so different from the kind of music I usually listen to… but it eventually really, really grew on me. I love how his songs vary from being on the upbeat side to the relaxed, slow pace that’s perfect for late evening listening.

Beauty Behind The Madness is an album full of variety and strong vocals that grew on me like a barnacles grow on the bottom of ships.

The album starts off with “Real Life,” a medium-paced song with a an orchestral-type background to tie together the verses. This is a definite favorite, and I feel that it leads into the next song very well. “Losers” (ft. Labrinth), the second track on the album, is another favorite of mine; The Weeknd does an extremely good job of bringing in Labrinth’s style while still maintaining his own. The vocals on this track are amazing, and the way that both voices blend together while still remaining as their own works really well.

Continuing on, “Tell Your Friends,” “Often,” “The Hills,” and “Acquainted” are all well-contrasted tracks against one another. Out of the four, I enjoy “The Hills” the most, and while “Often” is not my favorite, there is a remix that I like quite a bit.

“Can’t Feel My Face” is definitely the catchiest song on the album, a fact which I am sure that many people are familiar with by now considering how frequently it has been playing on the radio.

“Shameless” is a great acoustic-like touch to this album, and I love the way that the orchestral tones in “Earned It” accompany The Weeknd’s voice. “In The Night” is another upbeat, catchy tune that definitely gets my feet tapping. “As You Are” idn’t quite stand out to me as much, but the beat is nice and I like the way it varies in style slightly from the other songs.

“Dark Times”is a DEFINITE favorite, and not only because it features Ed Sheeran (who is one of my favorite people on the planet). The vocals, instrumentals, everything in this song works really well. “Prisoner” (ft. Lana Del Ray) is another great track with stunning vocals, and the chorus is one of the best from the album.

I love “Angel” as the closing track- the album is tied together with this powerful, slow, ballad-type song.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album and the variation it had; while some of the songs didn’t really strike me at first, they eventually totally grew on me. (To be completely honest, I have listened to nothing but this album for the past week. Oops.)

Arya’s Favorites

  • Real Life
  • Losers (ft. Labrinth)
  • Earned It
  • Dark Times (ft. Ed Sheeran)


  1. sabrinawolfheart

    YOU FINALLY REVIEWED IT HUZZAH WE MUST THROW A PARTY! But seriously, listening to the same album all week long is not a problem here. Cœur de Pirattttteeeeee. I’ve finally joined you in the universe of music obsession. It took me a while but I found my way here. Also funny story: I had no idea there was someone called The Weeknd.

    ALSO ALSO my laptop is having a hard time insisting you have a domain name and always insists on typing “”. Silly laptop.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thatnerdyartaddict

      YES!! Much happiness, such pride. ALSO I’M SO HAPPY YOU HAVE JOINED US the life of a Music Obsessor is a wonderful one. Also: *shakes head*
      AND YEAH I totally get that, my laptop sometimes does that too! I think it’s something to do with the history because I’ve just typed in “” so many times that it just automatically goes to that, yknow? Laptops are indeed silly.


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