This Week’s Episode: Solving Problem-Solving

Back in May, slightly over-ambitious Sophomore Arya decided to sign up Junior Arya for an AP Computer Science course. This sounded like a fantastic idea at the time, but then on the first day of school in the new year, Junior Arya realized something very important: she had never, ever, ever coded before.  So, she was left to face the Dreaded Learning Curve that rose up to be about as steep as one of those upward-sloped roads in San Francisco (and man-oh-man, it’s absolutely terrifying to have to brake at a stop sign when the car is practically perpendicular to the ground). The first month of school was rough…

And here I am, writing this blog post while dreading the next CompSci test I have coming up this Friday. Not so much fun.

I’ve learned that computer science is a lot about problem solving. I think that’s the reason I was having so much trouble at first; my natural mindset isn’t hardwired to be extremely logical. I like puzzles and brain teasers and other things of the sort, but I find that I’m more of an abstract thinker in general.

The only solution to this madness seemed to be to solve for how to solve a problem.

int solve = 0;

int problem = 10000;

int solution = solve + problem;

I jumped in headfirst, completely cold with pretty much zero knowledge about even the basics of coding. Now, maybe a month and a half into the school year, I’m actually able to use code to manipulate numbers and words to do as I want (barely, but it’s still better than me at the start of the year, trying in vain to make something simply print on the screen).

Right now, I’m feeling kind of alright about the class (*knocks on wood*), but I have no idea what it’s going to be like in the future. With bio last year, the learning curve was high… but not this high.

Oh, well. It’s an interesting subject and I’m learning new things, so it can’t really be as bad as I sometimes make it out to be.

Most things happen to be just exactly that.

Usually I do these on Fridays, but I didn’t get around to it this past one. Oops.


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