Carpe Diem means ‘seize the day’

Some opportunities come around once in a lifetime, and I’m starting to learn that jumping half-blind into something has the potential to end quite well. 

I tend to wing a lot of things. No preparation, nothing. For example, I did a timed write in English class without having read the last three chapters of the book and ended up with an A on it. I jumped into an AP CompSci class with no knowledge about anything coding-related, and now I can actually hold a substantial conversation about computer science with others. I even started this blog having no idea what I wanted the main subject of it to be. (Now I know that to be honest, there really isn’t a subject to this blog besides me. I am fabulous.)

In all these cases, I’ve ended up with a product (either physical or mental) that makes me quite happy and often pretty proud of myself, too.

But despite this, I still end up finding myself hesitant when it comes to making decisions about what to do in these situations where I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing or what I will be doing.

I’ll be too busy with writing that essay, I’ll be too busy with learning that music piece, I’ll be too busy trying to catch up on the physics homework I’ve neglected for the past week. 

It’s a bad habit, and I know it.

Yet it’s one that’s so hard to break.

We will always be too busy. Time isn’t going to stop and wait while we sit at our desks and procrastinate doing those 40 SAT practice questions. Time is going to keep steadily plodding on, and life is going to follow close behind.

Junior year is said to be the worst of the four. If this is how first semester is, I have no idea how second semester will be- hopefully by that time of the year, I’ll be conditioned to it all. But even though I know that the next two months are going to be swamped in keeping grades up, keeping stress down, and stretching my brain to accommodate all that new material being stuffed into it, I decided to embrace the idea that I will always be too busy, so better now than never…

I didn’t in a thousand years think I’d say this, but this December, I’ll be experiencing India, 2015– part two. One city, two shows, three goals: live, learn, and love.

It was a long-debated subject in my head, but it’s really happening.

I’m jumping again, and I couldn’t be more excited.


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