Once Upon a Time: Recording Rediscovered

I’ve always been enamored with the idea of being able to record and produce music.

I remember that in middle school, I discovered that there was an entire community of rising musicians making their base on YouTube. I’d watch as different artists evolved from recording rough snippets of songs with PhotoBooth on their computers to creating full-length, professional-quality music videos with incredible backing track. 

Music has always been a really large part of my life, and seeing that so many people were able to record and create things inspired me. Not necessarily to post my music-related things online, but just to learn how to create such amazing tracks by myself. By freshman year, I had started to mess around with GarageBand to try and make something out of it.

To be completely honest, I didn’t get very far, because sometimes I underestimate how much time, effort, and thought needs to be put into doing things. I was also worried that whatever the product would be wouldn’t be “good enough,” so I found myself holding back. I told myself that I would make something awesome once the right time and equipment rolled around. And then came sophomore year, in which school basically engulfed my life. So much for that recording thing.

This year has been even more ridiculous, and I sometimes feel as if I don’t even have time to breathe. With big tests every week, SAT in a month, and then the India trip in December, time is slipping through my fingers.

But a month ago, I signed up for a program that involved putting together and recording a song in a studio.

The workshop ended just last night, after we all spent about six hours in a studio recording both audio and video for the piece we were working on. I reached home at midnight, ate a bunch of food, and slept until 10:30am.

Being in that studio sort of re-awakened my interest in recording. (I was dying in awe the entire time we were in there. It was so cool.) I started to feel a little regretful that I didn’t really pursue my interests in it earlier on, and then I went on to feeling guilty that off late I haven’t been doing as much digital art, or photography, or writing, or… the list goes on.

But then my mom said something really profound that inspired me to write this blog post.

Basically, interests will cycle. That’s not to say that you should just give up on something halfway through because “you’re not feeling it,” but at the same time, it sort of does mean that. Confusing, I know. I’m kind of confusing myself right now to be honest. But the idea is to not feel guilty when you don’t get around to doing one thing but rather be glad you’re working on the other thing. Enjoy what you’re doing at the moment and look forward to what the future holds, because whatever it is, you can make it great.

As cheesy as it is, live in the moment.


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  2. awildroryappeared

    So true. I told myself I’d write something every day thing month, and then the other day rediscovered yet again how much fun drawing is and I’ve been doing that instead. At first I was mad at myself, but then it was like “well I am doing SOMETHING creative, does it really matter what it is?” After all, there’s a reason I don’t plan on being a pro writer- it would shove everything else in the corner.


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