Letters to No One || Part One

December 14th, 2013

Dear E,

I’m enclosing in this letter another letter from my friend/suitemate, Tiana. (She wouldn’t let me read it, so what’s in it is a total surprise to me. If you want to tell me then I’ll love you infinitely.)

So basically this is the coolest place ever, or at least 15 billion times better than school back home will ever be. I almost never want to leave, but I know it’s better to merely take a break than to return to the gross world I come from to finish stuff before leaving for good. I’m a firm believer in finishing.

We started the semester all awkward nerds from places mainly on the coasts of the country, a few bearable flyovers in there, and we got an intro to the studios. There are four, but in the beginning there were only three intros. The studios are: Painting, New Media, Printmaking, and Sculpture. The one that we didn’t intro at first was Printmaking, which is run by our intimidating head of school. More on him to follow.

I started in sculpture, which is run by a strange yet awesome elderly (65) man with an eccentric/occasionally bitter personality. Our first assignment was to make a stick out of clay and acrylic, only we had to make as close a copy as possible to the original stick we’d picked. You’ve seen the original and done one, so you know it looked/was hard.

Then I went to New Media and we made films, mine was called “Claustrophobia” and remind me to show it to you one day. The New Media teacher is a VERY Southern woman in her late 30’s/early 40’s. She’s my advisor, and she has some sass/grit to her that’s admirable. That project went fast so I can’t say I remember much about it.

Last was Painting, run by a young (early 30’s) woman who’s down to earth but very good at both painting and teaching. She’s very easily approachable and knowledgeable with little grit to her. I made a huge 6.5X4ft painting which was dumb because I never paint and never have. But in the end I loved it, a lot actually, and I’ll send pictures if you’d like.

We just ended a visiting artist, but I think I’ll talk about those later so you’re not stuffed with information about processes.

So what’s up in your life?

Love always,


Thanks to Natalie for inspiring the series to follow/writing this first letter.


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