Letters to No One || Part Two

Part One

December 16th, 2013

Hello E,

So I may or may not currently live with M, and she may or may not be asking me to write this. Anyways, I’m Tiana and I’m from Vermont, the land of maple syrup and cows. 

Oh, I also have a cat that shares your name, but alas, it is spelled differently. She’s “Eva” instead of “Eve.” She is a very odd cat and sometimes will attempt to mess with my dogs.

A teenaged boy is now dancing about in our suite. His name is Bo and he is usually not this enthusiastic, so I am currently very curious as to why he is so lively today of all days.

We also possess two lemons in our suite, and I’m not really sure what we’re going to do with them. The lemon troubles are oh-so-very real.

I just realized that this sounds like a very odd stream of consciousness, but I shall keep on going anyway.

From my spot on our couch, I can see a multitude of tea bags gently slowing in the breeze. There is a half-eaten scone screaming its lungs out on the coffee table in front of me. We set up a Christmas tree just a couple days ago on the shelf in the corner where Beth keeps her record player. AM is currently playing. The tree is about the size of the average couch throw pillow and its branches are all pointed upwards. There are more lights wrapped around the tree than actual tree itself and we didn’t have a star so we put a tiny hand sculpture at the top.

So how is life for E?

Let me know.



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