fleeting thought

eyes wide open

original artwork- check out my Flickr account

it started up with a breakdown
of the thoughts
     swimming in my head, relentlessly aching to be
     into the biting January air

i perched precariously at the
     of that hill
          gazing out into the startling silence that
shook the
     empty street, wondering
why is is that
     the writing
          I produce based on the long walks
never measures up to what was in my mind
     at the time.
i suppose it is simply a matter of
     fleeting thought,
for as my feet hit the pavement one after another
     (never in the same place)
so do my thoughts escape and never quite
     align with
their footsteps
     from before.
and now I am left here with my doubts and pounding eardrums
     struggling to fight the frigid residue of the air outside
the expectations for this “fresh start”-

     i did not finish the pages of this notebook as i had hoped.


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