here’s to not knowing a thing

I have always been afraid of the unknown. I shake in the face of decisions and changes. It has always been like this and although I don’t like admitting this, I don’t know if I’ll ever be the person that’s comfortable out of my element. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the person that’s comfortable with the thought of being out of my element. 

For me, spontaneity is in the small things. Switching meeting location last minute, deciding to go unplanned ice skating, buying that one milkshake, using that one hot sauce, going a different route to math class, publishing this post five minutes before I have to leave to go to school. For me, that is spontaneous.

I went hiking with a group of friends a couple days ago. None of us really had any idea where we were going. But that’s okay. I’m learning that it’s okay not to know some things… life would be extremely boring if we knew everything that’s lying in store ahead.

We planned to leave for the trail by around 10am. We got delayed and left by 11:30.

We knew what trail we were going to hike. We ended up not being able to find that trail, so we explored a completely different one that we spotted on the side of the road while trying to find the original one.

As we walked, rain spewed out of the sky in short bursts, droplets hitting branches and rolling off in larger clumps that smacked us atop the hoods of our sweatshirts. The trails were half land, half river. We jumped from bank to bank trying to keep our shoes and socks dry- none of us had the thought to wear rain boots.

Pretty much everything that was planned changed to some extent- but we still went hiking, we still came home safe, and we still had an incredible time. Things often have a way of working themselves out.

It’s time for a little more faith in the unknown.


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  2. awildroryappeared

    I think an important thing to point out is that NOBODY is “the person that’s comfortable out of their element.” That’s the whole meaning of the phrase “out of your element;” it means to be out of one’s comfort zone, to be by definition uncomfortable. Sure, some people are better at dealing with it than others. But nobody is comfortable being made uncomfortable.

    And I have to say, you’ve come really far in the last year-and-a-half or so. From my perspective, you used to be terrified of any aberration in plan and now you’re learning to actually enjoy it. Bravo.


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