11 things I told myself after my SoCal trip two weeks ago

original art || jan 19th 2016

original art || jan 19th 2016

1. You are more comfortable writing in the dark with black ink than you will ever be with indigo on a sunny day. 

2. Airports are stressful but it will all be over soon enough. Chill out because (basically) everyone there is having the same thoughts of anxiety.

3. Continuing on the subjects of airports and airplanes, you will most likely never see any of these people ever again in your life.

4. Pee before getting into the rental car for a 2-hour long drive.

5. People are becoming more and more accomplished at younger and younger ages, but chances are that they still don’t quite feel like it’s enough. Just like you.

6. Spend an hour someday learning the smaller nuances of the Google Maps app because chances are, it will be a helpful tool in unfamiliar territory. Namely long freeways.

7. Always bring running shoes and sweats. Exercise is good for you. Don’t borrow too-small shoes and end up with ankle blisters.

8. Constantly keep an open mind. Once in a while, try to make “yes” the default answer. Be spontaneous.

9. But also don’t be afraid to turn down something if it really, truly doesn’t sit right in the pit of your stomach.

10. Always keep a pair of headphones on you but don’t feel the need to constantly use them. When you’re waiting to meet someone at a coffee shop, put the phone away and admire the artsy decor.

11. Tell people you love them every chance you possibly get.


  1. Nirvana

    YAY ALL TIME LOW. My jam. So I just read your post on social anxiety, and I can’t tell you how much I can feel this. A long time ago, I would freak out when there was so much as a five second lapse in the conversation, because I thought they’d be thinking in their heads about how boring I was, or a loser, and basically my brain was bringing me down. I’m okay now, more than before, and I’mn happy that I am. (I should’ve commented this on that post. Oh well. XD). I loved all your advice, and that artwork is gorgeous ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • arya0127

      I have sooo much love for ATL!! Have you listened to We Are The In Crowd by any chance? They’re also super great and they actually have a song that features Alex Gaskarth which is cool 🙂

      That’s exactly how I was as well- I’m so glad you can relate to all this, thank you so much for your comment! ❤


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