writing in the margins of my school planner


original art || from http://arya0127.vsco.co

1- I saw the end of a rainbow today during our math quiz that I thought would be much harder than what it actually was and just like that I realized: nothing is as it seems or is told because there was nothing but a parking lot where gold should have been waiting. 

2- Getting that uneasy feeling in your gut about someone is like putting two north-polarized magnets together with the invisible wall that springs up.

3- The best thing to know in college is how to ask a good question- it sets you apart and often helps others in the process.

4- Why do I constantly feel the need to explain myself to everyone I meet?

5- It’s a long road trip but it’s also only one road trip. I think I’ll regret not doing things more than I’ll regret actually doing them.

6- Unearthing that easel after such a long time made me remember how the legs will never be perfectly even no matter how many times I twist and turn and fight with those rusted metal knobs, just as my room will never be truly devoid of the junk I collect in the crevices because I will probably always be a packrat.

7- I am 95% sure my freshman self would not recognize me now.

8- I think a lot about why I’m so addicted to writing this all down- maybe I just enjoy the thought that I’m being reflective upon myself. This has become a lifestyle and honestly, half the time nowadays I don’t even write in coherent sentences.

I usually don’t carry any of my journals to school, so when thoughts strike me I end up scribbling them down in whatever free space I can find in my planner where I write my homework. Then there comes along days like these when I have no idea what to write so I flip through old pages and pull out things I like. I’m great at pretending to be creative when I’m actually just really lazy.



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