A few thoughts before (hopefully) hitting the roads

I’ve come to the age where I almost crave a sense of responsibility. I used to fear the thought of being alone, but I’m starting to enjoy the independence.

Tomorrow I take the written test to get my permit to start driving, and I am unbelievably excited.

Driving has always made me slightly nervous because I have always been hyperaware of the fact that along with my safety being partially in the hands of others, the safety of others would be in my own hands.

Driving is a responsibility. It’s fast paced, and quick decisions need to be made. Good quick decisions. There can’t be hesitation, and there’s no room for overthinking errors because once they happen, they’ve happened. Oh my god that other driver just honked at me what did I do wrong am I a bad driver why am I so bad at this- driving requires elasticity and the ability to learn from mistakes as soon as they happen.

Driving is a lot like life. (Wow, deep stuff, Arya.)

From what I’ve heard, the hardest stage of driving is the learning part- when the decisions are the most difficult because you’re so afraid of the possible repercussions. But with continual practice, it’ll become almost instinctual.

It’s just a matter of getting through the initial part and finishing strong.

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