A list of things I did, wish I did, and wish I didn’t do over spring break.

I’ll let you figure out what’s what. 

1. Took a hike.

2. Finished all homework before Saturday.

3. Made mac ’n cheese from scratch (with the cheese sauce and everything).

4. Cleaned.

5. Laundry.

6. Hung out with horses.

7. Visited the beach for a day.

8. Checked out a college campus.

9. Went for a night walk.

10. Took lots and lots of photos.

11. Re-watched old TV shows.

12. Ate a ton of peanut butter cookies.

13. Went stargazing.

14. Spent time with friends.

15. Spent time with family.

16. Got ten diamond trophies in disco zoo (!!!).

17. Wrote some poetry.

18. Blogged.

19. Realized that I should really get my life together.

Going to a TØP concert in July, which is why I’ve been even more obsessed with them than normal off late…

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