sidewalk monsters // 7:45am on an average thursday

photo taken by my awesome friend Nicole, definitely go check out her stuff.

photo taken by my awesome friend Nicole, definitely go check out her stuff.

Walking to school on that path near the eucalyptus trees in the morning– it’s really something special… 

First I’m fine, walking at an even pace down the pavement with music pounding in my ears. I have no second thoughts about how I might be damaging my eardrums because I’m far more concerned with the drumbeat in the background. Maybe I should start thinking about it? 

The concrete is clear minus a few branches and a puddle of water where the droplets have rolled down the chain-link fence to pool at the bottom, but as I approach the driveway that cuts across the middle of the path, I notice them.

They aren’t spiders, they aren’t pillbugs, they aren’t centipedes, they aren’t anything I know of.

They are right out of my nightmares into the ground, slithering in and out of crevices and though they are small, in my mind they are mighty and I am scared.

I can’t take my eyes off the ground, off of them to look up at the sky which I know will be turning a soft shade of blue by this time in the morning, a shade that I know I love so much to exist.

Even after I cross the driveway they are still there, shadows creeping across pavement, crawling under my soles and threatening to snap at my ankles. I did not think to wear closed-toed shoes.

All of me is focused on getting out.

But as soon as I reach the stairs and start climbing, my attention shifts to the way the incline feels against my calves, my lungs, the spine of my back that holds my being together and I forget that I told myself to tell someone about the monsters I saw on the sidewalk. 

I wrote this because lately there have been this really creepy-looking bugs crawling around the sidewalk on my way to school and they just really gross me out.


  1. awildroryappeared

    I really love the arc of this piece.

    Also they’re probably the same things that appear in my room randomly during the summer. Those are the only bugs I have ever been afraid of in my life. I usually wake up the cat and throw her at them before locking myself out of the room.


    • arya0127

      Thanks friend!
      Also I have no idea dude they’re like small and brownish with tints of orange and they look sorta like the shape of sowbugs except you can’t really see their legs and they just kinda scoot around and they’re SO GROSS I almost want to barf whenever I see them


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