Letters to friends at the end of junior year

**this doesn’t even cover half of what I want to say to half of the people I want to say it to but it was nice to get at least some of it down in writing. 

Dear 1,

I will forever love the fact that you never sugarcoat anything.
You’re one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people I know, but you don’t let anything get in the way of your honesty. You channel your thoughtfulness into constructed opinions that are well-rounded and understanding of existing context. I sometimes don’t know how to tell people what my real opinion is, but you rarely are and I admire that so much.

I was hesitant about talking to you at first in freshman year because you seemed so put-together, so on top of everything… but I’m so glad that I pushed through my own awkwardness and started sitting with your lunch group because you’re the one that really introduced me to some of my favorite people in the world (and of course, you are also among that group).

Fourth period PE and ridiculous typos will forever be ours.

Dear 2,

I am currently sitting in a desk in the corner of our english classroom typing like a crazy person as I write these letters. You, being the nerd you are, came up to me and pushed my laptop screen halfway down and broke me out of my trance; I was at first a bit startled, wondering if you needed help or if something was wrong… but when I looked up, you’re standing there, grinning like a dork. “What?” I ask.
“I trolled you,” you proclaim.
(It’s also gotten to the point where I now say “omg” out loud as a result of spending so much time with our english teacher.)
You’re great because you’re not swayed by the little, insignificant things in life that just don’t matter. You know that we have time, so you’re taking that time to enjoy being yourself.

I could learn a thing or two from you.

Dear 3,

Sometimes there are just songs from years ago that make me want to fall into them and become part of the broken beat, and you’re the kind of person that I go to show them to first. Even though we sat in the same circle at lunch, we didn’t talk at all during freshman year. But now, now it feels like we could sit at the peak of a grassy hill and listen to those kinds of songs in silence… and there would be no tension, no doubt. I’ve grown to trust you and your instincts, and hopefully you’re the same in respect to my own.

Let’s find adventures this summer.

Dear 4,

We are the same person. You understand me on such a deep level that I’m actually left shocked sometimes. You listen to me complain and whine and be unreasonable and you allow me to get it all out when I can’t hold it in and I appreciate that so much. We joke about how in the worst case scenario, we’ll end up at the local community college together… but even the worst of the worst scenarios are made better by your presence. I’m going to miss our random conversations about the weirdest possible subjects and you hugging me like a tree.

Please never lose touch.

Dear 5,

You have this way of putting yourself in other people’s shoes in order to understand their reasoning that amazes me. You not only embrace my quirks but encourage them, and you proceed on to join in with your own. You’re resilient and you accept things as they are, but you don’t let anything knock you down. I hope you realize how great you are as well as how lucky you are to have such great eyes (both physically and metaphorically).
Keep your spark.


  1. awildroryappeared

    Love these, and thrilled you’ve been able to make so many great connections. Wish I could meet all these people.


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