Some halfway-through-May thoughts + updates

1. There are two weeks of school left.

2. I actually managed to get through AP testing without collapsing.

3. I am painting jellyfish on a stool in art class.

4. I am addicted to painting jellyfish. 

5. I get to play violin in Sacramento this weekend.


7. College applications is becoming more and more of a reality and that’s a little bit intimidating/scary.

8. How is it that there can be so much to do and so little time to do it in?

9. San Francisco is actually one of my favorite places in the world.

10. I don’t get seasick as easily as I thought I did.

11. Dancing in heels on a boat is very difficult.

12. Flip-flops are everything.

13. I have the potential to be calm under pressure and do well despite panicking like crazy on the inside.

14. Sour Patch Kids are even more delicious than I remember.

15. It seems like everything I do from here on out needs to have a purpose, so I better get on that as soon as possible.

I am so obsessed with this song that it’s actually ridiculous.


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