This Week’s (Year’s) Episode

When I’m at a loss for what to write, I tend to go through my archives- whether those be blog archives or the stacks upon stacks of notebook pages I’ve filled over years, I lean towards reflection on previous events.

Today, I stumbled across two posts I wrote towards the start of junior year. I often used to write something I liked to call “This Week’s Episode,” and each was essentially a reflection or recap of the week I had. 

Since school ended last Thursday, the past week has been relatively uneventful- but in the best way possible. Most of my time goes towards studying for my upcoming ACT test, but otherwise I’ve been able to catch up on reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends. I finally read The Martian and I plan on finishing The Revenant next. A good friend and I started talking about old stories like we so frequently used to. I was able to go on a super great hike on Tuesday, and a few of my cousins are also currently visiting.

I slept a lot.

I’ve started to sort of believe in miracles, because somehow I ended my two toughest classes, computer science and math, on great notes. I was struggling with both at the start of the year (especially compsci), but I somehow pulled through and learned a lot in the process. I figured out that I definitely will not be majoring in computer science in college, but I also came to realize that just because it’s not my favorite doesn’t mean that it’s not something worth experiencing.

I have a lot of people to thank this year, so, so many incredible people who have shaped me, my skills, and my beliefs. They’ve taught me that it’s extremely important to work hard to improve oneself, but it’s equally important to value and love oneself.

To quote my forever-queen, Toni Morrison, you your own best thing.

This has been a very random post. I’ve realized that I did a lot more of these kinds of posts when I was younger and just started blogging and sort of stopped recently, but I figured that some things just needed to be said to sum up the school year. This blog has become a reflective space for me, and it will most definitely be interesting to look back on this later down the road to see what else has changed.


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