I didn’t quite expect my senses to be so overwhelmed. 

The atmosphere was mild when we first stepped into the room. People mulled about, drinks in hand, fiddling with their phones and making quiet conversation. The air inside the relatively small space was frigid, and I chided myself for not bringing another jacket– even though I was wearing three layers, it was cold enough to make me shiver and rub my hands together.

As the clock ticked closer and closer to 9:30pm, more and more people streamed in through the double doors. The room started to fill up and I somehow ended up towards the front, right near the slightly-raised stage.

Six people ascended the steps on the side, brandishing instruments of silver and gold that glinted in the bright overhead light.

Before I knew it, the room was brimming with melody, people swayed and bounced on the balls of their feet, and my ears were drenched in sound.

It felt a little bit like the world had slowed down- my mind was submerged and my limbs seemed to move on their own accord, synchronizing with the vibrant drum beats echoing around the crowd.

It’s experiences like this that can turn a room into a universe.

Went to a jazz concert the other day, just wanted to get down a few words about it before I forgot.


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