Story of my Life: Summer 2016

Videoclips from late May to early August rolled into one video with some thoughts.

Song: Below My Feet- Mumford and Sons

Edited using Final Cut Pro.

Voiceovers recorded with my not-so-great laptop microphone.

Some of the places shown in this video:

Sitges, Spain

Montserrat, Spain

Truckee, CA

Half Moon Bay, CA

Monterey, CA

San Francisco, CA

Berkeley, CA

Morgan Hill, CA

**Concert footage was from twenty øne piløts with opener Mutemath.

This took way too long to edit and I’m still not 100% pleased with the audio but that’s okay because not everything has to be perfect (I’d never get around to posting it at all).


  1. awildroryappeared

    this made me sentimental about California, ahhh. Really great editing work friend, though I think we can all agree Romeo was the true star here 😉


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