It’s almost September.

Bits and pieces out of notebook pages from this month.

1. I started senior year on August 17th, 2016. That is terrifying.

2. There have been a few mornings where I’ve opened my window expecting light to flood the glass but was met with dense fog and dew drops, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

3. My playlists are my time machines. 

4. “Medicinal biology… that’s hot!” –a professor from the class I took over summer

5. I really need to find a desk clock.

6. I think my notebooks are something I cling to so tightly because they’re just so tangible.

7. The walls of my room are finally going to be painted new colors this weekend and I’ll no longer have a headache from the electric green surrounding me.

8. Starting a bullet journal was the best decision I made this summer.

9. Maybe most of my thoughts fester in fourth period math classes because I always find myself writing after taking short quizzes. Who knew a parking lot outside full-length windows would serve as inspiration?

10. “Play something from 2007!” –a fellow yearbook editor

11. Around this time next year, I’ll be starting college. That is terrifying. 


  1. nevillegirl

    Ahhh, love the cat photo!

    And I completely understand what you mean by panicking about senior year and then heading off to college next year. I’m in college right now and already beginning to panic about the possibility of graduating in 2018, which would be a year early from when I was supposed to. Haven’t quite decided if I’m going to go through with that plan or add a minor and/or certificate. Also, GRAD SCHOOL. I am slightly freaking out in case you can’t tell. I don’t know if it’s reassuring to say that no one ever seems to know exactly what they’re doing at any time in their life? That’s what I’ve been telling myself, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • arya0127

      Thanks so much!!
      And that’s definitely reassuring, it’s what I tell myself every time I start to panic about apps and everything, haha 😛 I think that you’re going to have a great time regardless of the route you pick, and I’m hoping it’ll be the case for me, too!
      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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