original art // august 2016

original art // august 2016

I just read over the posts I wrote for one then two years of running this blog, and to be honest, it was a little bit painful. The extremely rough writing definitely made me cringe at least a little, and it also made me realize that I was far more oblivious to the world than I am now. (This post will probably be equally as bad in another year’s time.)

The biggest change since September 2015 has been my view of other people in relation to myself. Friends turned into reflections of myself since they bring out my best qualities. Peers turned into universes, making me realize that I only have a year left to learn more about what exists within them before we take different roads. Teachers turned into advisors, schedule-savers, friends.

Ten little changes.

  1. I now wear flip flops 90% of the time.
  2. My room is a shade of blue, not green.
  3. I became a total eye makeup junkie.
  4. My music taste has become an absolute disaster with how broad it is.
  5. I spend a good chunk of the school day in my 11th grade english teacher’s classroom.
  6. I got a nose piercing.
  7. A friend and I started a club at school for blogging.
  8. My blood is probably at least 40% cold brew coffee by now (but I also started drinking tea again).
  9. I’m taking six classes instead of the usual seven.
  10. My driver’s license test is in less than a week.

My documentation of change lies in my thought books– the notebooks of various sizes, thickness, and cover materials lined up against the back part of my desk, each brimming with not much more than words and pen scratches. I retired a thought book from the end of 2014 this past summer and picked up a new one that is already more-than-half filled. So far, senior year has prompted more scratch material than there has ever been before.

This blog sees the very surface layer of my thought book– the better changes, you might say. It’s one of the few things in my life that I’ve kept up through all of high school, despite my indecisiveness and shifting interests and creative blocks and dangerously decisive frustrations.

Here’s to three, Wordy&Nerdy.


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  2. aghajarrahimi

    What do you include in your thought book? just curious since I have a journal but it doesn’t serve a specific purpose just various ideas, drawings, and some calendar/bullet journal-esque pages.


    • arya0127

      My thought books are kinda like scratch notebooks, similar to what you mentioned yours are- they usually just have rough ideas, doodles, or journal/reflection pages. I also do have a bullet journal though that I started using this summer and I loooove it, it’s super helpful in reducing my disaster-ness 🙂

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