September winds

I woke up to a chill that I’ve missed dearly, one that refreshes my eyes and makes me want to stay huddled in blankets while I’m wide awake at seven in the morning. The previous night, I had partially opened the windows in my bedroom to let in air to mix with the festering heat, and it let me experience the crisp gray skies firsthand after the night passed. 

September is that transition month, the one where the weather is calming down and we’ve started to settle into our school routines (or often times, lack of routines). This year in particular, September is the transition to the future– there’s a constant scrambling to draft essays, compile portfolios, take tests, and more, all with the end goal of setting up a pathway to a life ahead.

The idea of growing up has always been scary, but lately it’s been the small acts of growing up that are forcing me to face a few fears. I earned my driving permit back in March. I knew that my test would be after a six month waiting period, sometime in September, but I’m still ridiculously surprised that so much time has passed so quickly already.

Things I thought would be easy are throwing me for a bit of a loop. I thought I could crank out drafts of college essays with no issues, but even after maintaining this blog since freshman year, I still have some trouble writing about myself in a way that I know for a fact others will understand.

Sometimes words are hard.

But the colder temperatures, these wonderful September winds that awake my soul from its eternal exhaustion– they tend to inspire me more than usual, so I’m hoping that my words will click into place when I really force myself to sit down and just write.

Fall is here and I am ready.

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