we wander the neighborhood.

When I get back from school, I don’t take off my shoes until I’ve walked my dog. We venture up and down through our hilly neighborhood, stopping occasionally while he sniffs at various bushes along the sidewalk. Sometimes we run, and my lungs will be screaming for air after reaching the top of a steep slope, but the rush of moving so quickly is worth it. 

Walks with my dog are my time to unplug, my time to explore what’s around my house as well as what lies in my thoughts. After six years of regular walks, I know every street and corner of my neighborhood. I know the fastest way to get to the nearest store, I know the slowest way to get back home. And with nothing but the occasional headphones playing music, I’m free to wander in my mind and think. I write stories while I walk. I craft phrases to use in essays and poems. I make mental maps of the streets and mental maps of my future.

Granted, lots of these ideas remain among the sidewalks since I often forget about them by the time my dog and I come home again, but the uninhibited release prepares my mind for not only concrete creative endeavors but also the homework waiting for me at my desk.  

Seriously loving this song as well as the rest on the album…

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