5PM, peacefully noisy city

i. I’m walking and I’m at peace despite the world blaring outside

ii. I’ve never seen sidewalks as wide as these and I like the way the sun reflects off asphalt in the evening

iii. the definitive reason I always forget so many of my thoughts is that I can’t bring myself to start typing in the middle of a thought process on the street

iv. thank you to the drivers who wait for me to cross the street because they know the impatients behind them would not let me go so easily.

v. worm’s eye views of tree branches

vi. it’s rush hour traffic and so many parking spots around the apex of consumerism are left vacant

vii. my dog recognizes the home in our car and as I sit in the passenger seat, I long to hear another voice.

This was sort of a follow-up thought to the last post. Ish.

One more from this incredible album…

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