8PM, fairly uneventful Thursday night

Finished with college apps. Feels good.

It’s been a wild seven months full of self-reflection, overthinking, and (admittedly) a touch of despair. Though my writing has been consistent in my journals, I found myself easing up a bit on the blog posts because all of my energy had somehow funneled itself into polishing up those essays. Honestly, the entire process was pretty interesting; sure, I was fairly stressed at some points, but I think it forced me to look at myself in a different light that I think ultimately helped me become more confident in myself. Part of me also thinks that if I were to re-apply to places now, the essays I would write would be very different just because the whole process changed me as a person in many ways– but I’m really glad that I wrote those particular essays to change me in the first place, if that makes any sense. 

My friend Maddy and I went back to visit our elementary/middle school earlier today. It was great getting to talk to our old teachers, people who had known us since we were literally in kindergarten. The campus has changed so much but at the same time has so many things that have stayed the exact same.

It’s already the day six of ten of my senior year spring break, and I’m quickly realizing how fleeting the time is. The past few months have been some of the best, full of late-night yearbook deadlines (we finally finished the book last Friday!!!), trips to the California Academy of Sciences (volunteering there has been one of my favorite experiences ever), and spontaneous hiking-and-brunch adventures with friends. I’ve discovered how much I actually love bubble tea (it’s borderline unhealthy) as well as how taken I am with environmental and conservation biology. Especially after the past hour or so of scrolling through the internet looking for ways to pursue interests over the summer, I’m feeling like there’s just a ridiculous amount of stuff I want to do. And here I am, sitting on my bed at 8:30PM drooling over future possibilities.

I’m looking forward to taking it in leaps and bounds.

Well, this was a fun ramble to get the blogging juices flowing again! In other news, I’m flying down to San Diego this weekend for some exciting things.

Also, check out this new project that my friend Isha Patel started up recently– it’s a blog called Colored Resistance that focuses on further voicing the ideas of young people of color. Read a couple introductory posts and look forward to much more to come!

P.S. TomislavSquats is a continuing crowd favorite 🙂 

I was listening to this Courtney Barnett album while writing this…

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