blossom & bloom

Some quickly-edited footage from the most recent trip to San Diego.

Song: Blossom – Milky Chance
Camera: Sony RX-100
Edited: Final Cut Pro

a few extra thoughts…

I’ve learned that the college application process can often turn toxic. There’s a lot of defining of worth based on acceptance letters from certain places, both by individuals themselves and those around them. There’s a lot of talking, and there’s a lot of empty words. I definitely fell into a few traps myself over the past couple semesters, but it’s taught me that choices we make aren’t entirely about justifying previous ones; this whole process of choosing colleges (or not choosing one at all) isn’t to simply validate the last four years of work, it’s to look forward to the next four (or three or five or less or more!) years and beyond. It’s to take the next steps in finding identity, defining success for ourselves, and becoming better human beings in general. 

I am enraptured by the thought of what’s to come. I can’t wait to see the incredible paths that the people around me are going to travel, the stunning things they will create. I am ready to see them– and to see myself– blossom out

Here’s the full song.


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