El Tesoro // 2016 – 2017


Song: Since I Left You – The Avalanches
Camera: Sony RX-100
Edited: Final Cut Pro

El Tesoro // the treasure

Around this time last year, I applied for a yearbook editor position mostly just because I felt like I should try to get more involved in school. Up until that point, I had done things in school here and there, but I spent most of my time on independent projects or doing activities separate from the school community. At the time, I knew that being a yearbook editor would be fun, but I didn’t register how much I’d learn during the year.
Since August, so many hours have been spent in that small room. Eight computers and mountains of papers, highlighters and SD cards scattered across long tables, snack-filled cabinets and a questionable mini-fridge– this is the place I now call a home. And nothing could compare to that incredible feeling of finishing the yearbook and shipping in those pages for printing.

The eight of us went up to San Francisco for an evening, many of us with our cameras to continue capturing the world through our eyes. Got some footage, ate some vegan Indochinese food, savored some insanely good milk tea.

My fellow editors (and delightful advisor), thank you all so much for an unforgettable nine months. You’ve inspired me to immerse myself in creating things. I’m so excited to see where each of us is headed next year and beyond.


Above: We initially had a self-timer set and got one trial shot before Julianna ran into the photo. We were about to try it once more, but someone offered to take our photo. However, the final angle happened to turn out a bit odd. Oh well, we’re still cute.

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